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Introduction to Glo Minerals

If you are looking for natural, cruelty-free makeup made with natural minerals and offering a range of skin tone enhancements, Glo Minerals in Toronto should be on your radar. Glo Minerals begin with the skin and build makeup to elevate and enhance. This makeup line consists of products from skin base applications to eyeliners and eye color, blush, lip color, and more, making it truly one of the premiere product lines we offer at the Aviva Cosmetic & Laser Clinic.

What are Glo Minerals?

Glo Minerals is a mineral makeup system uniquely designed to work as an extension of our routine skin care. Glo Minerals uses only the finest mineral makeup, infused with nourishing skincare ingredients including antioxidants, vitamins A, C, and E, green tea, shea butter, and hyaluronic acid. This mineral makeup is suitable for all skin types — even sensitive. The award-winning, skin-nourishing, mineral makeup formulations deliver unsurpassed coverage and UV protection. With a variety of formula and finish options and an exceptional shade gallery to promote every beauty ideal, Glo Minerals delivers customized complexion perfection.

What is Laser Hair Removal?

Candidates Who are the best candidates for Glo Minerals?

Given the natural, thoughtful formulation of Glo Minerals, this makeup line almost chooses its clients by its values. The best candidates for Glo Minerals are those who:

  • Desire an extended color palette
  • Desire variation in coverage; from light to full coverage
  • Have sensitive skin type as these are chemical-free
  • Have realistic expectations of the outcome
  • Seek powerful antioxidants in their makeup
  • Seek skin nourishment and hydration
  • Seek long-lasting coverage as mineral makeup is gentler on the skin
  • Support cruelty-free products

Benefits What are the benefits of Glo Minerals?

Glo Minerals formulations are still designed to nourish, correct, and protect even the most sensitive of skin types. Some of the benefits we are proud of are listed as follows:

  • Chemical free
  • Coverage that lasts
  • Coverage versatility; light to full coverage
  • Cruelty-free
  • Hygienic application because minerals can withstand bacteria build-up
  • No blocked pores
  • PETA-approved
  • Powerful antioxidant blend
  • Rich color palette
  • Skin hydration
  • Skin breathability
  • Talc free
  • UV protection
What's the first step?

It’s about you What’s the first step?

The first step in getting a Toronto Glo Minerals application is to contact our clinic and schedule your free consultation with one of our aestheticians. During your appointment, you will be able to get a complimentary skin analysis to determine your skin type and a personalized home application program designed to resolve your specific concerns.

What's the first step?

Aviva What to expect from the Glo Minerals treatment

You will be greeted by our aesthetician and guided on how to apply the selected Glo Minerals product. Simply follow the basic guidelines outlined by your aesthetician and you will see results instantly.

Aviva cosmetic & laser clinic How much do Glo Minerals cost in Toronto?

The cost of Glo Minerals in Toronto can vary on a multitude of factors, including product selection, combo deals, and current availability. At Aviva Cosmetic & Laser Clinic, we offer an extended variety of Glo Minerals. After consulting with your Aesthetician, you can decide the best choice for you.

How much does Laser Hair Removal cost?

It’s about you Why choose Aviva?

We cannot wait to introduce you to Glo Minerals as an option for your new “go-to” makeup line. To schedule an appointment with one of our friendly and helpful team members, you can request one on our website or call our location at 416-787-6333.

Schedule your consultation

To schedule your consultation, call our office directly or request an appointment via the “Schedule Now” portal on our website, where you can choose a date and time to talk with one of our specialists. Our team is excited to meet with you and help you achieve the beautiful, radiant body that you have been longing for.

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