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Otoplasty (Ear Surgery)

Ear surgery is an advanced plastic surgery procedure used to correct protruding or misshapen ears. It is usually performed on young children or adolescents, but adults can also benefit from this surgery. We use sophisticated surgical techniques to pin the ears back to a more aesthetically pleasing position. Protruding or misshapen ears are usually caused by the presence of excessive cartilage or by large or deformed ear lobes. Cupped ears (in which the ear tips bend down and forward) can also be corrected with ear surgery. If you wish to learn more about otoplasty and how this procedure can help you look and feel better about yourself, please explore the paragraphs below.

Ear Surgery/Otoplasty in Toronto: Am I a Candidate?

Although ear surgery can be performed successfully at any stage of life, the best time to undergo this operation is at a young age. We recommend the procedure for children who are 6 or older. At this age, the ears are fully formed; however, the ear cartilage is still fairly soft and can be easily manipulated. Receiving ear pinning surgery early on also helps children avoid traumatic teasing and/or low self-esteem issues. Ideal candidates for ear surgery are healthy individuals who are self-conscious about the shape, size and/or position of their ears and wish to achieve a more normal, socially acceptable appearance.

Preparing for Ear Surgery

Prior to undergoing ear surgery, it is important to thoroughly understand the procedure and have realistic expectations. We help all of our patients gain a deeper understanding of their desired procedures. We encourage our Toronto ear surgery patients to ask questions and discuss all of their concerns, whether aesthetic or otherwise. In addition, detailed preoperative instructions are given to each patient or, if the patient is a minor, the patient’s parents.

Because we often performs ear surgery on children and young adults, we are extremely sensitive and will do everything we can to alleviate anxiety and provide the best quality of care in a comforting and nurturing environment. We will work closely with our surgical technicians and anesthesiologists to ensure maximum patient safety during the procedure.

Ear Surgery: How Is It Performed?

At Aviva Cosmetic & Laser Clinic we may use one of several surgical techniques to perform ear surgery, depending on each patient’s unique needs. In general, ear surgery incisions are made in the natural creases behind the ear, where they are easily concealed. Depending on the desired shape of the ears, we may use stitches to pin the ears back or trim the cartilage prior to pinning the ears. In some cases, both techniques are used for the best results.

Ear surgery usually lasts about two hours. Although it can be performed under local anesthesia, general anesthesia and an overnight stay at a hospital or surgical facility are usually recommended for children.

Following surgery, we place a bandage around the head to reduce the risk of physical injury and hold the ears in place. Bandages and various postoperative dressing are extremely important for children, who are more prone to physical injury than adults. Patients are usually able to return to their daily activities, including work or school, within one week.

During recuperation, most patients will experience mild discomfort and bruising, which subside within a few days. We are available to all of our patients during their recovery and encourage them to call us right away in case of complications.

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