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We offer personalized, medical standard treatments and procedures utilizing today’s most advanced technologies, scientific knowledge and personalized services. We only recommend services that we believe will enhance your life and beauty. We will never try to upsell you for treatments that are not required, or would have little benefit.

Toronto Breast Surgery

Natural, realistic, beautiful. These are the words our breast surgery patients often use to describe their results. At Aviva Cosmetic & Laser Clinic we perform an array of procedures geared toward creating a youthful, harmonious bustline that complements each woman’s physique. In addition to helping women who desire to augment their breasts, we help those with overly large breasts who want to achieve a more appealing breast size. We are also a highly recognized provider of breast reconstruction and breast asymmetry treatment.

We have many years’ experience performing breast enhancement surgery, and we understand that patients often have many questions about breast surgery. Which procedure is the best for me? How will it be performed? What will my results look like? We will answer all of these questions during presurgical consultation sessions, where we also provide imaging to help patients and the doctor, voice and visualize their desired results. We also encourage our patients to ask additional questions and voice any concerns they might have. By thoroughly explaining each aspect of surgery and answering all questions, we help ensure that patients are fully prepared for surgery and empowered to make educated decisions regarding their treatment choices.

In addition to helping women enhance the appearance of their breasts, we also helps men achieve a more masculine chest appearance. We perform male breast reduction (gynecomastia surgery) for men with excess glandular tissue, fat and skin in the chest region. The goal of this treatment is to remove the redundant tissues and create a flatter, more well-defined chest appearance.

To discuss your Breast Surgery options with Aviva Cosmetic & Laser Clinic, you can schedule a one-on-one appointment by calling us at (416) 787-6333. During your consultation, we will be happy to answer any questions you might have about Breast Surgery or any facial rejuvenation procedures.

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