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Breast Asymmetry Correction

To improve our patient’s appearance we offer an extensive array of aesthetic and reconstructive procedures for the breast, including breast asymmetry correction. This treatment can help women who feel self-conscious due to a notable difference in their breast sizes or shapes achieve a proportionate bust line. In addition to delivering a marked aesthetic improvement, this procedure often results in increased self-confidence. If you have been thinking about breast asymmetry correction in Toronto, read on to learn about our treatment approach.

Breast Asymmetry Correction in Toronto: Am I a Candidate?

Breast asymmetry correction surgery was developed to help women with visibly different breast sizes or shapes achieve a more even look. While no woman has identical left and right breasts, typically the differences in size and shape are very small and unnoticeable. In some women, however, these differences are more pronounced. Breast asymmetry correction surgery is recommended if the size difference is at least one cup. Typically, the left breast is the one that will need to be adjusted to achieve a more harmonious appearance.

Preparing for Your Breast Asymmetry Correction Surgery

Dr. Golger believes that a successful surgery depends on through patient preparation. He takes the time to personally get to know each of his Toronto breast asymmetry correction patients, evaluate her health history and breasts, and learn about her aesthetic desires and preferences. Dr. Golger uses this information to develop a personalized treatment plan that reflects the needs, desires and goals of each patient.

In addition, Dr. Golger uses the presurgical consultations to alleviate any fears and concerns his patients might have. He understands that the decision to undergo surgery is a major life choice that is often accompanied by uncertainty and apprehension. Dr. Golger spends as much time as necessary to answer all of his patients’ questions and make sure they feel safe and completely taken care of. This approach helps his patients relax and enjoy their aesthetic transformation journey as much as possible.

Breast Asymmetry Treatment: How Is It Performed?

Depending on the cause of the asymmetry, Dr. Alexander Golger might use one or several surgical techniques to resolve it, including breast augmentation with a breast implants or breast reduction. He typically uses the augmentation method for women whose larger breast represents the optimum bra size. In this case, he will likely place implants of different sizes in both of your breasts to ensure that they are similar in shape as well as size. Dr. Golger usually recommends the reduction method for women whose larger breast is excessively large. The right method for you can only be determined during a personal consultation with Dr. Golger.

Schedule Your Personal Consultation

Dr. Alexander Golger invites you to schedule a personal consultation with him by clicking here or calling the offices of Avenue Plastic Surgery at (416) 789-9979. During your consultation, he will treat you with the utmost compassion and respect in order to help you relax and openly discuss your aesthetic wishes. Dr. Golger also encourages you to contact his offices if you would like to obtain more information about the other breast procedures he performs, such as breast lift, breast reconstruction, and breast augmentation in Brampton. In addition to treating female patients, Dr. Golger also helps male breast reduction patients achieve a flatter, more masculine chest appearance.

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