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Tummy Tuck Surgery

Our surgical team at Aviva Cosmetic & Laser Clinic is devoted to helping all of our patients realize their dreams of beautiful, slender body contours. As experienced Toronto cosmetic surgery providers, we understand that the stomach is often one of the most difficult areas to get in shape. If you have tried exercise and diets but are still left with an unsightly lower belly pouch or a protruding muffin top, tummy tuck surgery might offer a permanent solution. If you would like to learn how abdominoplasty in Toronto can help you achieve a flat midriff, explore the paragraphs below.

Am I a Candidate?

You might be a Toronto tummy tuck candidate if you wish to remove excess skin and fat from the abdominal area. However, you should keep in mind that tummy tuck is not a weight loss surgery. To the contrary, tummy tuck is often pursued by people who have rapidly lost a large amount of weight through aggressive diets or bariatric surgery, as these individuals are often left with a significant amount of excess skin on the abdomen.

Another group of people who often benefit from tummy tuck surgery are mothers who wish to regain their pre-pregnancy body contours. During pregnancy, the stomach skin rapidly expands and stomach muscles stretch to accommodate the growing baby. After the baby is born, the stomach skin and muscles often fail to shrink back to their pre-pregnancy state. As a result, many mothers are left with an unsightly stomach pouch that can be removed only through tummy tuck surgery.

Preparing for Your Surgery

The surgeon and medical team personally perform all presurgical evaluations, taking the time to thoroughly explain the procedure and the presurgery precautions. One of the more important precautions is quitting smoking at least several weeks prior to surgery. Our Toronto abdominoplasty patients are strongly advised to quit smoking because the chemicals found in cigarettes interfere with proper blood flow, which in turn can cause complications during surgery and prolong healing.

We also recommend that patients with small children arrange for childcare for a few days after the surgery. Patients are prohibited from lifting anything immediately after their surgery, and physical activities in general will be very limited in the immediate days after the treatment.

How Is It Performed?

We performs abdominoplasty under general anesthesia. We begin the procedure by creating an incision in the lower abdominal area. Next, we remove excess skin and fat and repair any torn abdominal muscles. Then we gently stretch and suture the remaining skin to create a smooth, flat stomach. The surgery is typically completed in three to four hours, and most of our abdominoplasty Toronto patients recover within four weeks. However, it might take up to six months for the final results to become visible.

During the recovery period, we carefully monitor our patients to promptly address any complications, such as excessive swelling, bruising and pain. Generally, pain can be controlled with prescription medications, and patients do not experience major discomfort during recovery.

The results of abdominoplasty are permanent, provided that the patient does not gain and lose a large amount of weight. For this reason, we recommend that women not undergo the procedure if they plan to have more children.

Tummy tuck is a major plastic surgery procedure. Like every other surgical treatment, it includes certain risks, such as infection, bleeding and recovery complications. However, these risks can be minimized through careful patient preparation

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If you desire to achieve a flat, contoured midriff appearance, schedule a personal consultation with Aviva Cosmetic & Laser Clinic by calling (416) 787-6333 9-9979 . During your appointment, we will help you decide whether you are a candidate and will answer any questions you might have. In addition, we will explain any other body contouring procedures you might be interested in, such as liposuction or body lift in Toronto.

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