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Mommy Makeover

Cosmetic surgery after childbearing, also known as mommy makeover, is becoming increasingly popular among mothers who recognize that it is possible to care about their children as well as their own well-being at the same time. At Aviva Cosmetic & Laser Clinic we offer mommy makeover surgery to simultaneously address undesired physical changes caused by pregnancy and aging. If you are unhappy about the marks pregnancy has left on your body, please read the paragraphs below to learn more about mommy makeover surgery in Toronto.

Mommy Makeover in Toronto: Am I a Candidate?

Mommy makeover surgery is an excellent procedure for mothers who are struggling to lose excess weight gained during pregnancy and/or deflated breasts after breastfeeding. This procedure can also eliminate excess skin that accumulates around the belly region and other changes brought on by childbearing.

The best candidates for mommy makeover are women who are finished breastfeeding and don’t plan on having any more children. Patients must also be in good general health and not suffering from major medical conditions that may jeopardize their safety during the operation. After a thorough evaluation, our surgical team can determine your candidacy for mommy makeover surgery.

Preparing for Your Mommy Makeover Surgery

Each mommy makeover surgery is unique. Generally, the procedure is comprised of two or more body sculpting treatments that are custom tailored for each patient. Most mommy makeover patients undergo tummy tuck, liposuction, breast lift and breast augmentation as part of the mommy makeover, thereby simultaneously enhancing multiple body areas. However, depending on their individual concerns, mommy makeover patients can select several procedures from the long list of treatments offered by our surgical team.

The preoperative instructions for mommy makeover surgery differ from one patient to another and are based on the specific procedures being performed. We will provide each patient with preoperative physical exams, testing and instructions on how to get ready for the procedure. In most cases, we will ask the patient to stop taking certain medications or supplements and cease smoking.

Mommy Makeover Surgery: How Is It Performed?

Due to the complexity of the procedure, mommy makeover surgery is performed under general anesthesia at an accredited medical facility. The duration of surgery and incision placement depend on the procedures being combined. In most cases, patients are able to go home a few hours after surgery, but those who undergo more extensive mommy makeovers may be asked to spend the night at a hospital.

The healing time after mommy makeover generally lasts between four and six weeks. Our surgical team will ensure that each patient experiences a safe and smooth recovery. Follow-up appointments will be schedule on a regular basis, allowing us to closely monitor your recovery and prevent any discomfort and/or complications.

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If you would like to find out how mommy makeover can help you look and feel your best after pregnancy, schedule a one-on-one consultation with our Toronto mommy makeover surgical team at Aviva Cosmetic & Laser Clinic by calling (416) 787-6333.

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