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Let’s start with a complimentary
professional skin analysis.

How you feel and how you look is personal. How you see yourself and how others see you is very important to you. When considering aesthetic treatments you want to be well-informed and have confidence in the procedures. Naturally you want the overall experience to be comfortable and enjoyable, with virtually no downtime in your life.


We are Aviva.

A specialized Cosmetic and Laser Clinic that fulfills your beauty needs with a clear, purposeful medical health care approach.

We first offer a complimentary consultation and assessment by an experienced aesthetician who also works in partnership with physicians and well-respected board-certified plastic surgeons.

We then make a recommendation that fits your unique needs, and fully educate you about the treatment or series of treatments. Should our assessment reveal a benefit to you to consider a surgical consultation, it can be immediately arranged.

A scientific approach to beauty.

What makes us truly different is our commitment to providing only scientific, evidence-based medical treatments and procedures that we know have been proven and will be effective in achieving the results you desire.

We offer today’s most technically advanced, non-invasive laser for hair removal, skin rejuvenation, anti-aging, facial thread veins, and acne removal as well as many other skin-care and cosmetic procedures.

  • Scientifically based, non-invasive treatments with no downtime
  • Advanced laser technologies and cosmetic procedures
  • Personalized service and an enjoyable experience